Our data serves our purpose. Based upon data metrics provided from GuideStar.Org, The All Pet Brigade Foundation is gradually accumulating necessary data to do its job better...And that job is to help pets in need!


Save rate is reported as intake minus euthanasia divided by intake.  This formula includes as “saved” the population of animals who still do not have a final adoption or home in place.


basic data matrix

The Basic Data Matrix was designed to serve as a tool for basic data collection.  It is a simple matrix containing what is generally agreed are the minimum data points (along with definitions) a rescue should measure


Technology is a vital need in the world of Pet Rescue, & Non-Profits in whole. Today's world uses technology for near everything. All Pet Brigade utilizes technology to best help bring awareness to our pets plus manage everything that occurs behind the scenes. Listed opposite are great tools currently in use by

The All Pet Brigade Foundation.

Live Intake - 85

Euthanasia - 5

Percentage - 94%