• Mitchell Cole

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"My name is Mitchell Cole, Founder & President of The All Pet Brigade Foundation, Inc. I began APB in 2015 as a dba effort here in Oak Grove, MO; 20 mins East of Kansas City, MO along Interstate I-70. My original focus was the creation of an online awareness for our community which began shortly after on Facebook. To date, we have over a dozen P-T volunteers assisting in a variety of smaller ways but in need of your commitment for larger impact."

The All Pet Brigade Foundation is actively searching for like-minded individuals with a passion for animals & an ability to grow our vision to the next level. These roles are pro-bono, volunteer positions to start. With your help & support, we look to acquire new ways of funding a salary staff for critical positions of need, including yours maybe. Such desired roles include (but not limited to)...

- Social Media Coordinator (Facebook/Instagram) (G+/Youtube) (Twitter/LinkedIn)

- Transportation Coordinators (Vet Appointments, Event Runs, Meet & Greet's for Pets)

- Foster Coordinator

- Canine Intake Coordinator

- Feline Intake Coordinator

- TNR Coordintor

- Special Programs Director

- IT Director

- Marketing Director

- Special Events & Fundraising

All critical positions that can help us do our job of rescuing pets & finding homes, all the easier & more efficient! Please email us theallpetbrigade@gmail.com with the Subject Line 'Professional Volunteer'.