All Pet Brigade's Corporate Supports Takes Shape During 2017

January 4, 2018

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All Pet Brigade's Corporate Responsibility Advances With Key Business Partners


The 2017 year is officially in the books now! What a year in every single category for us here at All Pet Brigade. Truly, our year was so monumental we even had to modify our legal organizational name to The All Pet Brigade Foundation, Inc., which now fully encompasses our mission of pet education & obtainable, affordable pet care.


Before we move onto the new year officially, The All Pet Brigade Foundation, Inc. wishes to thank our partners & welcome new partners alike. First & foremost, we would like to acknowledge & thank our Primary Vetting Clinic, Grain Valley Animal Hospital. Although not listed within the newly created image, we would also be remiss without thanking our first business partner, local appliance repair company, Tyler's Appliances.


As we have grown, our partners have increased in terms of local, regional, & national attention to our mission objective. We hold a very high expectation of standards for pet safety, even with our own corporate sponsors. 2018 is a new year, complete with its own coming challenges & successes. Remember, by supporting All Pet Brigade, you are supporting the pets, the people, & your community. 









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