Keys to Protecting Your House from a New Puppy

May 28, 2018

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You’re getting a new puppy! You have done the fun part. You took the time to visit a breeder, pet store or shelter, and have decided to bring a dog into your family. But before your furry friend comes to live in your house, make sure you have puppy-proofed your home.


This is for your dog’s benefit as well as for your family and your home. Puppies are active and curious. They have a keen sense of smell and growing teeth which they need to use. They will eat and chew on everything and will destroy your possessions without the least bit of malintent.


Prepare ahead of time. It will save you a lot of frustration as well as money. It’s tough to scream at something so cute, especially when your puppy loves you unconditionally.


Everything off the Floor


Bringing a puppy into your home will teach you to be neat and organized. Coats need to be hung up, backpacks and purses must be on a table or shelf out of reach and shoes need to go in a closet before they become chew toys.


If you have gum, tissues, hand cream or any other goodies in your backpack, purse or coat, your puppy will find them, chew them up and either ingest them or leave them for you — in one form or another — somewhere around the house.


Use Baby Gates


Perhaps you have brought a dog into your world because your children are older. Hopefully, you haven’t sold the precious baby gates at your last garage sale. Use these to keep your dog out of certain parts of the house, at least while it’s still a puppy.


Block off the upstairs, the dining room and especially the basement where the most “treasures” will likely be found. The more you block off, the less damage your dog will do, and the more it will be confined.


Invest in Lidded Trash Cans


The contents of a garbage can might not interest us. But for dogs, trash cans are a bonanza of tasty snacks. Puppies will rummage through, eat and then vomit up anything you can think of that you might throw in the garbage.


Worse, they may be poisoned or choke on something. Make sure your garbage cans are out of reach or that they have lids which your dog can not lift.


Google Your Houseplants


Research your houseplants online to make sure they are not poisonous to your puppy. Palms, aloe, alocasia, lilies and