Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

June 19, 2018

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We love our cats and dogs like family and will do whatever we can to keep them happy and healthy. When it comes to their health, there is always the question of whether to purchase pet insurance.  Of course, we never want to be stuck with a big medical bill that we can’t pay, but do we want to spend money on something we might not need.  So, ultimately, is pet insurance is worth the cost?


What Is Pet Insurance?


Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance as it helps to alleviate some of the costs associated with medical bills.  Just like health insurance, you can choose different levels of coverage and pay a monthly or annual premium.

Different pet insurance plans offer different coverage and scenarios.  Some offer accidents only and injuries while others include injuries, and genetic or hereditary conditions.  The more comprehensive the coverage, the more ailments and/or conditions that are covered, but at a higher expense.  Take a look at what should be included in your coverage at a bare minimum in this chart from Consumers