Top five ways to keep pets safe this Halloween

October 25, 2018

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When cute 8-year-old vampires ring your doorbell on Halloween, that's fun-scary. When your dog swallows a bag of candy and needs a Halloween trip to the ER, that's scary-scary. So consider this a Halloween treat from BluePearl: a list of the top five ways to keep your pets safe this Halloween. 


  1. Hide the candy. Sounds obvious, but every year BluePearl veterinarians treat dozens of dogs and cats who have scarfed down way too many sweets. This can cause pancreatitis, or even intestinal blockages (because dogs and cats are not skilled at unwrapping candy.) Chocolate also is toxic to dogs. Never let your kids leave trick-or-treat bags on bedroom floors.

  2. Keep pets away from the door. People don't think of this one, but dogs and cats can get lost for days -- or hit by cars -- if they slip out. And depending on your neighborhood, that door could open dozens of times for trick-or-treaters. Keep pets in a safe room or away from the door.

  3. Microchip your pet. Even if you take precautions, pets do tend to slip out during times of hustle and bustle. A microchip is one of the best ways to make sure lo